Beard Lineup

⌚ 30 min  /  $12.000

Complete service including hot towels as well as shaving products like oils and lotions, razor or clipper cut and beard styling.

Buzz Cut and Beard Trim

⌚ 60 min  /  $23.000

Complete hair trim with razor blade and clipper and razor lineup for your beard. It includes wash, shaving products, hot towels and finishing products.

Beard Coloring

⌚ 20 min  /  $17.000

Dark coloring for long beards which blends away your gray hairs.

Full Shave

⌚ 40 min  /  $15.000

Full beard shave with razor and hot towel, including shaving products like oils and lotions.

Gray Hair Camouflage

⌚ 20 min  /  $20.000

Treatment which results in a darker, ad hoc tone for your beard.



Regular Hair Cut

⌚ 40 min  /  $12.000

It includes washing and blow-drying. Get a clipper or scissor cut including finishing products.

Hair Cut + Beard Lineup

⌚ 60 min  /  $20.000

Haircut including hairwash, finishing products and beard lineup with shaving products and hot towels. Scissor, clipper and/ or razor blade styles available.

Hair Cut + Full Beard Shave

⌚ 60 min  /  $23.000

Haircut and full beard shave using razor blade.

Head Shave

⌚ 45 min  /  $15.000

Razor blade haircut giving you the perfect head shave.

Hair Gray Camouflage

⌚ 30 min  /  $24.000

Treatment which results in a darker, ad hoc tone for your hair.